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A Letter from Penn State University in the USA:


Hello DBMS High School and greetings from America!  We are Joey Lee and Sharoda Paul, and we are the teachers for the Women in Sciences and Engineering (WISE) camp for summer 2007. We're very excited to be able to communicate with you, and to learn about each other's cultures!


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Satellite image of DBMS HIgh School in India Satellite image of Penn State in the US Penn State Campus Center of Penn State campus Typical classroom building




DBMS High School, Jamshedpur, India

Penn State University, PA, USA

DBMS School Students from Jamshedpur, India

(L to R) Shilpa. Meghal, Jasmeet, Neha, Priya, Shreya, Roshni, Komal

Wise camp participants at Penn State University, PA, USA.

(L to R) Clairissa, Jacqueline, Jenna, Amy, Jessica, Anjali, Ashley, Taejsha





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  • Amy
  • Anjali
  • Ashley 
  • Clairissa
  • Jacqueline
  • Jenna
  • Jessica
  • Taejsha
  • Joey (Teacher)
  • Sharoda (Teacher)

    State College, PA

  • Neha Singh 
  • Jasmeet Kaur Bhatia
  • Komal Gupta
  • Lavi Sharma
  • Meghal Agarwal 
  • Munmun Dutta
  • Priya Khirwal 
  • Roshni Bose
  • Shilpa Sarathy 
  • Shreya Sarkar (broken link?)
  • Suchandra  (broken link)?

    Jamshedpur, India